About Us

About Us

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We are Rizel & Maya, two East Coast-based software engineers working at a small Seattle-based startup called Botany.io. When we started working together, we quickly realized that we had both arrived at the same place via very different educational paths.

Rizel took a non-linear path consisting of community college, a full-stack coding bootcamp, and a bachelor’s degree at Boston University.

Maya took the linear path of Bachelor’s Degree in computer science -> Master’s Degree in computer science -> Software Engineer path (with an attempt at PhD in computer science along the way).

We have each learned so many valuable lessons, and gained so many experiences in each of our journeys, and we both felt like there can always be more support for people, especially for women, going through these kinds of career-defining decisions. We are here to share those experiences and stories, and hopefully help foster a wider discussion surrounding women in engineering!

In parallel, we both feel that writing & reading promotes educational growth, and we want to use this platform to solidify our work-related learning as junior-level engineers.

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